The In/Visibility of Nurses in Cyberculture

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Communities are a rich outgrowth of the current state of the world wide web. Cyberculture thrives on community, and a huge variety of diverse groups have formed on the internet, representing various subcultures. Online nursing communities can offer a wide range of useful opportunities - for communion, support, dialogue, collaboration, activism and innovation.

Communities can amplify innovation when groups get turned on by what they can do online, they go beyond problem-solving and start inventing together. "Groups of people can use online social networks to think together in new ways. When the affinity or common goal shared by the group is strong enough, mastery of group communication media leads people to invent things together in new ways." (H. Rheingold, 2000)

Communities provide an ongoing context for knowledge exchange that can be far more effective than memos, emails and telephone conversations. It is not only important for nurses to focus on building their knowledge assets, but also to make sure that this knowledge is effectively identified, distributed, and shared with peers. "Everyone talks about how knowledge is the important asset. But it has to be applied to be useful. It gets applied via the processes associated with social capital. In order to realize the benefits of working as an aligned, interdependent, system everyone needs to have conversations that are diverse, complex, and deal with everything from key routines to major strategies. Collaboration can be thought of as a network of different conversations" (H. Rheingold, 2000)

Self Organizing Communities as Educational Structures - The author's online presentation on the use of communities in educational collaboration among scholars, professors, instructors and teachers. Self Organized communities potentiate the development of a group identity and even, a group consciousness. A community memory and awareness can be created which facilitates decision making, brain storming, sharing and dialogue.

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